Environmental activities

Due to the legislation requirements in the sale of chemicals and transport of dangerous substances, we had to obtain a waste carrier, broker and dealer license. We first obtained the license in 2000 and it has been renewed every 5 years since then. We have started our environmental operations that year and extended ever since so today we can offer a wide range of services to our customers.

After 11 years of operating in this field, we have obtained a permanent license in 2011. In those years we have established a digital signature system for record sheets and obtained all necessary authorizations for fulfilling the record sheets on behalf of the clients.

The services we provide ourselves or with the help of our subcontractors:
- waste collection through the list obtained by the Ministry of the Environment
- forwarding to the final acquirer of waste
- fulfilling the record sheets for transport of solid and liquid waste
- packaging labels editing and consulting
- cleaning tanks of various capacities
- sales of packaging for all type of waste.

We are offering treatment plants from different suppliers. Purchasing prices vary, so it is necessary to consider the needs of the clients to provide them with the best solution for a reasonable price.

We consult on the classification of waste and determine the type of packaging to fulfill the requirements set out in the regulations for waste storage and transportation of waste by road. We also help with the labelling of the packaging and arrange all the necessary documents for the transportation of waste.