About us

The company LAKOLIT d.o.o. was established in 1997 to operate in the field of transport, commerce and business services in our country and beyond. It is headquartered in Koper with a sole partner who has been in charge of quality management and development of the company for many years. After two years of its operation, we decided to focus on the transport of dangerous goods (export-import, sales of chemicals) and obtained a licence for transport, collection and brokerage of waste from the Ministry of Environment.

Due to the rapid growth and customer demands we decided to become certified. In 2007, we obtained a Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001).

Today we operate our own fleet on the EU market and beyond. The fleet is continuously renewed and upgraded with appropriate modern technology. Transports are carried out using vehicles for conventional transport (box trucks), truck tanks and delivery vehicles (3,5 T). All vehicles are equipped with a tracking device for the control and guidance of the vehicle.

The policy of the company is to be flexible and fast to adapt to the market needs and to keep in touch with the progress of transport technology at all times.

The quality of our services is ensured by adhering to the following core principles:
– Successful business economics
– The ability to achieve goals
– Flexibility with prompt reaction to market needs.

Those principles represent the foundations of our business, thus enabling us to grow fast and enhance the clients’ confidence in our company.

Our transport operations, solutions and sales of dangerous chemicals are in accordance with the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act and Chemicals Act. Our staff is fully qualified and can therefore ensure the fulfillment of all legal requirements (security consultant, chemicals trade advisor, occupational safety and fire safety consultant, quality assurance consultant).

Our objectives are based on sound concepts, our vision is a long term successful business. Our high customer satisfaction index and ranking 13th in the competition of fastest growing businesses (“Primorska gazela” ) in 2010 are the proof of that.

To all those who work with us:
LAKOLIT Pty Ltd Koper