The services and products we provide have been changing over the years and depend on the needs of our clients.

We perform the following activities:
• transportation
• sales of chemicals
• waste management
• sales of water treatment plants
• sales of waste packaging and labeling
• counseling for transportation and waste management
• construction
• Branch Office Koper: Shop and Salon for pet care
Sales of pet care cosmetic products.

We provide all types of services at home and abroad. The fleet consists mainly of chemical tanker trucks and specialty acid tanker trucks (the interior is protected with a special rubber against aggressive chemicals). Lakolit services are carried out fast, safe and with high quality, both in Slovenia and abroad.

All these years we have not recorded any accidents or violations of traffic laws. Our vehicles are maintained and upgraded accordingly to the requirements set out in the regulations and our customer demands. Our staff is well trained and up to date with the new regulations at all times. We provide transport solutions for the markets of Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

In the past years we have building on the following improvements:
• quality of service
• upgrading communication systems for vehicle and drivers control and assistance
• journey management and rest periods control of mobile workers
• establishing a chain of auto repair shops for rapid intervention in case of vehicle malfunctions
• continuous renewal and upgrading of the fleet.

In 2008, we obtained a provisional license for wholesale trade of chemicals. By 2011, we upgraded and improved systems to meet the needs of the clients and consequently obtained a permanent license to trade chemicals. Today, we are trading and delivering on the whole EU market. We are constantly researching the market and materials to meet the customer needs. We have many years of experience in sales and export services for the Croatian market, particularly when it comes to dangerous chemicals, and we have therefore developed close relationships with freight forwarding services at the borders. Thus both export and import are performed fast and with good quality.